Friday, November 13, 2009

Trench Foot Misdiagnosis I Think I Have Trench Foot?

I think i have trench foot? - trench foot misdiagnosis

I think I have trench foot only about 4 hours to about 50 degrees and my feet were wet, and for 4 hours that I have lumps on the top of the feet soaked and itching and I also realized that dry in my big left foot is Farley. If someone can help me do that, I would be happy


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It appears that you ringworm, you can try soaking your feet in bleach and water 1 / 4 cup in a footbath. You can also kill selieum, zinc, folic acid, Ringworm of the time. this button, so I do not contagious to another part of your body. com look at the Hospital of the earth for more ideas.

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