Monday, November 16, 2009

High Arches More Condition_symptoms What Is The Best Running Shoe For High Arches And Neutral Stride When Running 30+ Miles A Week?

What is the best running shoe for high arches and neutral stride when running 30+ miles a week? - high arches more condition_symptoms

I ran three marathons and a half this summer with my Nike Air Pegasus 26 + and at first he was good, but then a pyramidal syndrome, and my feet do not ache developed. I recommended Asics, but I am not informed enough, go buy a pair. My feet are very narrow with high arches and tend to run slightly to the outside of my foot. Please help!


gr8ss4op... said...

"If you have a high arch, your footprint strongly curved inward, while the average of the foot look very skinny. If we examine only the feet, instead of being your fingerprint, you notice a big bow and put in the foot. If your hand to press against the underside of the foot, your foot will not be so easily under pressure, the arc is likely to remain rigid and can not touch the hand of all.

When this happens, you can sup. Underpronating or supination is when the feet roll outward while running. It is the rarest of the three types. It is necessary to be flexible for shoes with a flexible midsole, to seek to act as shock absorbers for your body. Look for the keywords "flexible" or "buffer" when buying running shoes. "

I did a search on the supination and won the next thread in ...

On this basis, it seems that the Asics Nimbus and Mizuno Wave Rider 11 could do the trick, perhaps an orthopedic insert to the strong support arch. I am not a supinator, I can advise from first hand. People forums are fairly well informed, so that you can even ask the question, it might be. Most will tell you to go to a store specializing in motion March for his analysis, but is probably the best choice.

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