Monday, November 16, 2009

How To Play Turbo Solitaire Why Can't I Display The Solitaire Games On My Computer?

Why can't I display the solitaire games on my computer? - how to play turbo solitaire

All I want is for the Online Turbo Solitaire, and I have only a box with a red X in the upper left


Ra.Ge said...

I guess that means they are trying to play online and the browser displays a red cross on the top left corner.

Your computer does not have the Java runtime environment, you need to play these games online.

Just go to ...

download and install, and then return to the turbo solitare. They should play in the situation. Have fun:)

patterso... said...

Maybe there's a plugin missing, such as Macromedia Flash, Java, ActiveX, or something. Is there some kind of message?

chibipap... said...

If you are not working online play, Java or Flash or Shockwave. You should have seen it and download from the Internet. But if you do, you must make sure that you have a good antivirus.

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