Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sand Rail Manufacturer Blueprints Where Can I Find An Aluminum Sheet For The Bottom Of My Sand Rail?

Where can i find an aluminum sheet for the bottom of my sand rail? - sand rail manufacturer blueprints

I would like the floor of my sand rail with aluminum cover. I live in Southern California Bay Area.


threeshe... said...

Here ya go: ...

Call them and select the best price, close enough to pick up. Many free websites and a low rate of small, usually $ 5.00 per cut.

We know there are many different aluminum alloys, and many are very expensive. I propose that 6061-T6. This is an airplane with a large solder alloy, cutting, bending and machining qualities.

2024-T3 is higher, but will corrode faster than 6061st Expensive.
7075-T6 is almost as hard as steel corrodes worse than any other aluminum alloy and is very expensive.

The least expensive is the 3000-series alloys, but their strength is not equivalent to 6061st They may be thicker from the 3000 series that is as cheap as 6061 in a thin layer, if no weight is a huge problem.

Whatever you do, no gain or annealed condition "O", and 6061-W. They are like butter soft and offer little resistance.

Callum said...

I buy my little aluminum supplies on eBay. Energy for a supplier who makes the excellent reviews.

kelly_f_... said...

Search the phone book under the medal as the Wil have welding and local building materials

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