Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sore Spot On Stomach Pregnant Sore Spot On Stomach?

Pregnant sore spot on stomach? - sore spot on stomach

I am 6 months pregnant and last month has been a sore point. the right of my navel, and it only hurts when I click or a coup against him. dr does not seem overly concerned, thinking it was a muscle. You wonder if anyone else has experienced this and if so, how long it lasted. to annoy its kind!


AnGeL.Sl... said...

Ive had some problems, but it follows the child made to me in the same place permanently. If you press on your stomach and push your child on a small, should, if that's your problem to help. or pressure on the belly to keep him / her instead of kicking is not an option. Hope that helps a bit ^ _ ^ and keep in mind that you are not even half of the movement of the baby makes the heaviest blows against time.

Beth said...

I went through the same thing, my doctor told me that he thought it would respect a weak point and careful not to break.

Paula said...

Strange IN 6.5 months and the same prengnant Happens To Me .. Only When I sit or .. near my navel Touch It Hurts especially when my check for BABIES HEARTBEAT Oh! ... It is not painful, but feels bad and it bothers me sometimes.
I have no idea what it is, but I think the normal.

~JaYDens PrETTy MoMMy~ said...

I think it's only a child or two steps or two on the field more than others. I get to 6 months so. n In the case of shock in humans Sumthin i feel defeated .. ouch!.

expectn said...

My sister has the same right to the navel and a break. It's a bit embarrassing for them,

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