Friday, November 13, 2009

Homemade Boat How Much Does A Homemade Rc Boat Cost?

How much does a homemade rc boat cost? - homemade boat

I want to build a boat with an RC Reaction Force, under 20 inches, how much would it cost? (electric)


ricsuduk... said...

About what you spend.

He turned in 90 with a 40-OPS and reducing Tel / Bronze support for the driver in a PVC pipe, etc.

When she was impressive, not to let the majority.

There are a lot of design in order to reduce a functional unit will jet - water is denser than tenth, although the unit, stator and consumption lasted for many months and build anew. Finally we got fed up and fill the airship disks as the preferred way to move very quickly. The response unit was cut and discarded, and reached 30 km / h improves immediately with a normal propeller, so oh well.

Why not at the hobby shop that things ship from?

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