Saturday, January 30, 2010

Grohe Shower Rod I Have Grohe Shower Products With Stubborn Water Stains . Nothing Is Taking Them Off. What Can I Use?

I have grohe shower products with stubborn water stains . nothing is taking them off. What can I use? - grohe shower rod

Freehand Acquired, shower volume control, and Quadra. No alcohol for about 2 months. Nothing is rooted water spots. Ideas?


Heinz M said...

"CLR" will work in water stains

star_gaz... said...

LIMA way

uman614 said...


I bought a stain of Clorox pens and instead of tobacco, worked awesome. Immediately after I bought it, I found this link for free! I hope it works well for you!


Good luck

Bonno said...

Vinegar and water, shampoo and

Spray after showering WINDEX OLD

Homemade "Shower Cleaner"

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