Thursday, January 21, 2010

Commercial Lease Agreement Form Signed 2 Year Commercial Lease, 3 Years Later I’ve NOT Signed A New Lease. Old Lease Rules Still Apply, Right?

Signed 2 year commercial lease, 3 years later I've NOT signed a new lease. Old lease rules still apply, right? - commercial lease agreement form

I have a commercial lease of 2 years and 3 years later, he had a new contract. A new management company manages the property and now that my lease has expired, that "automatically" under its lease. Is this legal? I thought I would first like to me and ask me to sign a new lease and release of opening a dialogue to a rate of renewal of the lease negotiations.


Jonathan B said...

No, you're still "under" the old lease. It should be the language of what happens when the lease expires. Normally, it has been dismissed from month to month with 30 days on both sides.

If you want to increase the rent or ask you to pay additional fees and others, then we need a new lease to sign.

It seems they want to pay a higher rent, but always reserves the right to how you sell each month.

You should consult a lawyer, but my inclination would be to pay the old rent until they are ready to tell you about a new upsurge.

Anna said...

Read your lease to see whether there is a clause that specifies what happens when the contract expires. In general, you go on a month to month, the rental lease rates as well.

A new management company you can not force them to your location - your original contract is the control - try to abuse you.

Read the agreement will speak for itself, do not be victim of a management company without scruples.

MC Wife said...

Language of the previous contract is still valid - period.

However, you must read all the languages in the old lease. You have a right to "rest", the double rent or to discuss more if you stay in the premises on the expiry of the lease. In addition, our way of lease, the landlord allows to collect a retroactive rent increase, even if you were made in the interim statement.

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