Friday, February 19, 2010

Tingling Of Stomach When On A Rollar Coaster Does Anyone Know What Could Possibly Be Wrong?

Does anyone know what could possibly be wrong? - tingling of stomach when on a rollar coaster

I am over 18 years, I am a kind 1diabetic, insulin-dependent. Over the past two weeks, I was light-headed, if I have to get up, hands and feet, tingling, stomach hurts, I have frequent urination, my pulse was about 115 beats per minute, but my blood pressure is fine. Just this past Sunday I went to the emergency room, because my heart, but I said I was dehydrated. Me, dehydrated? I drink about 4-5 bottles of water per day! You have my heart rate, intravenous fluids to me, so I was drinking liquids like crazy, but my heart beat even higher. Who knows what could be the problem? "
Oh, and not through my blood and urine samples and say, but my heart was racing, I, M as healthy as ever! Oh, and my blood sugar in the blood were very good, exactly on target.
Uh, I know that many of these symptoms, the impression I'm probably pregnant, but we only had sex once and that was already four months ago. I had my period, if you can not, right? I did a test to be sure, and the answer was no. Dang, I'm pretty sure I'm not.


Tonyman said...

If this continues, you should consult with your doctor, seems to have hypoglycemia (tachycardia, dizziness), tingling. This can be through the intervals between doses of insulin, causing insulin to be too fast. You may have to postpone the time of application. Anyting I would not change until you have talked to the doctor if.

mad elaine said...

Have you thought about making an appointment with the doctor who takes to make your diabetes for you?

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