Thursday, February 11, 2010

Frameless Hinge Shower Doorphotos My Contractor Installed A Frameless Shower That Leaks Do I Pay Him?

My contractor installed a frameless shower that leaks do I pay him? - frameless hinge shower doorphotos

It was already 4 times to try to repair the leaks, but always on my floor every time you in the hinge and the other side of the angle shower. Silicone is everywhere, but it leaks. Now, he says it is normal, and he wants the rest of the money


Patrick said...

call another party, or 2 and check the work ...... even if you pay $ 50 for each make a short written report and deduct what was the original contractor .... then decide what to do ............... can also connect to your local news or the Licensing Division Builder

Julie said...

Sorry, frameless enclosure flight! Any way against the ingress of water (or) if it is a framework and guidance. Therefore, the windows are not framed!

If I were you, I could call from another provider shower and advice on pregnant without a frame. I'm sure you say leak, too.

Frameless cabinets look really good but not perfect.

Blue Jean said...

To see research on the brand and model of the shower, if there are any known issues with him. Find another contractor for a second opinion. I would not pay the contractor until you can fix (or replace).

rentahan... said...

Unfortunately, the problem in May or with the shower door. You said that there is a leak in the hinge that sounds like a broken door. Why fly to the other side, if it closes properly and the contractor used silicone in other places, then you have to consider the terms of his contract to take the right measures to decide. The contracts are not binding on the contractor only, but also the owner. Normally, there are "cures" for certain situations described in the contract. In this case, it is inconceivable that both you and the contractor to go to mediation and to present the facts to a third party so that they make a decision about what really happened and who has money. If you stop the payment, the contractor may add a link on your pRoperty unless an agreement is reached or some other type of "remedy" such as arbitration is requested. A contractor for you and many other owners and their livelihoods in this way. Most of them, as you and I do the best job we can and not as a magician think of all his cooperation may be considered employees or who are entitled either to work. We all make mistakes, and although the contractors and can make mistakes, there are people to try to take advantage of the contractor, want. I tell you, I'm just saying that you have and the contractor. Check your contract and see what, if all resources are available, the. If no resources, then you may need to consider a fair trial and WHENo, you are ready to negotiate, if in its opinion, the contractor has a poor job, he still has some work to do. Work is to be paid at least one game.

If you hire a contractor for each task or project, you should always 2 or 3 sheets and interview each contractor. Get to know the person to ask them questions. You have an idea if you could benefit or not. You can also search their records as an entrepreneur, please contact your local Department of Buidling and others that he or she worked. Yous EBE contract look. Are there things that he does not agree with you, the contractor may be an editorial change, questions, or simply do not sign and moveby the contractor.

Hope this helps and good luck!

lwaite74 said...

do not pay until you well! If you can not be resolved then something is wrong!

bibus73 said...

Get certified inspector to inspect the shower and write a report. Please contact the broker in the region, an inspector will examine the experience is quite inexpensive.Home purchase of their home to know what is good or bad. Do not pay the contractor before receipt of the report.

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