Thursday, February 18, 2010

Goldwell Colour Charts Can I Use Goldwell Hair Colour Remover To Strip Pink Hair?

Can i use Goldwell hair colour remover to strip pink hair? - goldwell colour charts

Oops, I can not color in the United Kingdom
but I think the moving company Goldwell hair color stripping hair dye my hair pink purchase, so you can gradually recover Blonde

this work?
Has anyone used and how was it?
What color will make my hair?



MissyFLA said...

know what will be your final result, you have the exact color / knowledge about the code. Cover, in fact, any color is pink due to the fact, instead of reaching the application. Fair, it needs more than likely that the bleaching agent. The most healthy thing to do is to wait until most of the roses washed in a natural ways: with cheap VO5 shampoo like Suave or whatever ... "on the counter." The shade of pink or orange rest on the left side, you can get some bleach with a neutral shampoo mix thoroughly.

ray g said...

Goldwell Color Remover is to remove oxidative dyes to ... Most colors are bright and funky just the direct dyes or stains that are not the maker of hydrogen peroxide. With Goldwell Color Remover is a waste of time. If the rose is a direct dye, try only with a 10vol developer with a clarification of the dust. You do not need much more difficult to break the color and how color is not permanent.

In addition, the color in one place .... Dark colors are more pink. And resolve to keep in mind that chlorine is all the hair around the Rose (if more than one color), so if you isolate in a place

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