Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bang Bus Free Mobile Compensation For Negligence?

Compensation for Negligence? - bang bus free mobile

Can you tell me what you feel just compensation "or" resolution "would be an incident with my mother 65 years and two aunts, jumped on a shuttle bus from the airport by a large car rental companies? Who suffered minor injuries such as scratches and bruises and possible future consequences (of a blow to the knee, which was recently "replaced" by surgery) because of the dangerous actions by the driver of the bus. The landlord wants to clarify this matter and have contacted their "insurance claims specialist" for the states, but we wonder what we think "fair compensation'...... No idea, but felt that there should be a few "day" coupons for the rental. Can you give me an ideaThe measure taken to what is fair "resolution"


Vipassan... said...

In particular, because they are so vague that nobody can answer ... None of us can answer.

Define: unsafe acts by the bus driver.

He traveled with a speed and spins at high speed?

It is safe to drink?

He was on the phone and not practicing traffic?

If all he did was hit a few bumps, and crashed in the area: no luck.

For what is "fair compensation" goes: Fair is full reimbursement of all medical expenses incurred by the event. No medical expenses? No need to pay anything. Any amount you receive is a bonus, not complain.

Scrapes and bruises ..... I would say $ 200 would be reasonable compensation. The solution in a few days. Who cares?

Moreover,Your task is not to arrive at a fair return for their mother. Let Out hash. She is an adult.

Bill M said...

Talk to a lawyer.

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