Thursday, February 4, 2010

Play And Save Pokemon Red Online Anyone Know Where I Can Play Pokemon Fire Red Or Leaf Green Online For Free And Be Able To Save My Game Too?

Anyone know where i can play Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green online for free and be able to save my game too? - play and save pokemon red online

or by a program, session games or something, thank you very much


Danny said...

You must download an emulator, and you will make the ROM for it, another question, if you want to learn.

Write Coolrom Google

I hope that helped:)

xMissMar... said...

You must download an emulator and a ROM.

Here is a link to the ROM-green leaf: ...

And here's a link to a good free emulator: ...

The two must work, because they the ones who will use me.
Hope this helps.

mr gay said...

Get a gameboy Scruff

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