Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Birthday Wishes Romanian Can Someone Translate This To Romanian?

Can someone translate this to Romanian? - birthday wishes romanian

Google translator is not a good job. Here is the text:
Think "Some of us in California are still in you and wish you were here for their special day. Happy Birthday."


Duda said...

This is the correct translation, Romanian characters:

Unii dintre noi, his fii aici această zi California DIN gândim rated yet NOT şi Sara La Tine SPECIALA. La Multi Ani.

Ella said...

Unii dintre noi, SA FII AICI Pentru aceasta zi DIN California, the rate gandim NE although Sara has Tine special. La Multi Ani.

the translation is not good.

Meg said...

California Inca Kingdom dintre noi do gandim La Tine, if ne-am dori Sa fi aici Pentru aceasta zi special. La Multi Ani

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