Sunday, December 20, 2009

G Wiz Car How Many Electric Cars (electric Vehicles) Have Been Sold In London, UK Since The Congestion Tax?

How many electric cars (electric vehicles) have been sold in London, UK since the Congestion Tax? - g wiz car

According to The Economist, there were over 14,000 units - is the electric bikes and electric scooters, as the EVT-168? How were the cars by make or model, like the electric car Reva G-Wiz, Maranello4 (Maranello-4), the megalopolis, etc.? I read somewhere that sold less than 20 Citro├źn a model of the electric car in a year, so the decision to reduce Citroen (EV) of electric vehicles. What's Peugeot in France, how many vehicles sold for the model year?

If you are the sources for your answer, please indicate the source (s).

If you have your residence in London, you can inform your Excellency, as in many streets, a week view?

Thank you in advance.


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