Saturday, December 26, 2009

Concrete Block Supplies How To Make Concrete Blocks..with Words?

How to make concrete blocks..with words? - concrete block supplies

Well, long story short: Im working on a major project and try to the best of what you do imagine themselves. Then I thought, I remember my Tech Ed Tech has a kind of concrete block ... I guess (estimate) a foot on the foot and half long and maybe 6 inches tall. Well, for my project needs, we ask ourselves some questions about our presentation. What I thought would be the hallmark of every word in question 4, the word in a block. My question is how? I asked my teacher in high technology, and he said it was very easy, simply pour into a mold and concrete, but I would like more information or to explain? Is that something you can do at home (go to Home Depot or somewhere similar goods, of course). I can not afford the time to order something online, but if someone could me a good tutorial on how to do that, then I would be grateful. I hope I have not been so confusing.


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